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Secondary Water Metering

Three utility hole covers on grass, varying in color and size.

Secondary Water Meter Information

In 2022, the Utah State Legislature passed House Bill 242 requiring water meters on all secondary water connections throughout the state by January 1, 2030.

Please visit Utah Secondary Water Metering to learn more about the project and where meters are currently being installed.  Call or text 801-810-5886 with questions.

If you currently have a secondary water meter and radio, you will receive a Water Use Report statement every month during the water season.  The report provides a monthly estimated need.  This estimated need is unique for every user and is computed based on the estimated irrigated area of your property and daily weather conditions, and varies from month-to-month and year-to-year.

How to Read Your Statement
A "How to read your Water Use Report" guide with graphs, water usage data, and instructions.