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Billing & Assessments

You are billed for secondary water once a year through a direct charge on your Weber County property taxes.  The charge is a flat fee based on the total square footage of your property.

2024 Assessment Fee Schedule

A rolled-up dollar bill in green grass against a blue sky background.

The annual assessment for each property is calculated based on the square footage of the entire parcel and includes charges for operation and maintenance of the system, meter installation and replacement, as well as the ever-increasing cost of water.

Approximately 97% of properties within our District boundaries measure less than an acre in size (43,560 square feet), and approximately 91% of properties are less than half an acre in size.

Square FootageAcre-FeetYearly Assessment
The size of the property based on calculations from Weber County parcel records.The amount of water each property is allotted per year. (1 acre-foot = 325,851.429 gallons)The amount paid to the District through a direct charge on your Weber County property taxes.

Yearly Assessment - Weber County

Water Rate Schedule

effective May 8, 2024

Square FootageAcre-FeetYearly Assessment
0 to 10,0000.62$258.77
10,001 to 12,0000.76$265.45
12,001 to 14,0000.90$272.13
14,001 to 16,0001.10$281.68
16,001 to 18,0001.20$286.45
18,001 to 21,7801.50$300.77
21,781 to 32,6702.25$336.57
32,671 to 43,5603.00$372.37
43,561 to 53,5603.62$401.97
53,561 to 55,5603.76$409.87
55,561 to 57,5603.90$417.78
57,561 to 59,5604.10$429.08
59,561 to 61,5604.20$434.73
61,561 to 65,3404.50$451.68
65,341 to 76,2305.25$494.05
 76,231 to 87,1206.00$536.42