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Customer Information

  • Secondary water is NOT fit to drink as it is untreated river water.  Because the water is untreated, is it not recommended that you wash your car with the water or let children play in the water.  Secondary water should only be used to water landscape.  Drinking or playing in secondary water can make you sick.
  • Please visit to learn more about how secondary water is different from drinking water.
  • Secondary water is generally turned on around the middle of April and turned off in October.  A notice will be sent to your home in advance of the water being turned on so you can close your gate or ball valve.  (Closing your gate or ball valve is recommended when we are filling the secondary water mainlines because fluctuations in pressure can cause water to be forced into your system.  If your valve is open, this can result in some localized flooding.  We recommend you leave your valve closed until you are ready to start watering your landscape.)
  • The gate or ball valve is the sole responsibility of the property owner.  The valve is generally located on one of the property lines and is approximately 1' behind the sidewalk (towards the house) in a green box.
  • You are billed for secondary water once a year through a direct charge on your Weber County property taxes.  The charge is a flat fee based on the total square footage of your property.