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Finance Clerk

We currently have a job opening for a full-time Finance Clerk position.

Incumbents in this job provide financial management to the District including the identification, description appraisal, scheduling and classification of financial records series and District financial and human resource records management systems in accordance with State Archives policies; appraise and evaluate financial records for administrative, fiscal, legal, historical and research values; process permanent archival records for research use; and assist District representatives in scanning technology including guidelines for scanning public records, and assessing District scanning technology needs.  Also maintains security of classified and confidential records.  Incumbents in this job must possess a thorough knowledge of pertinent policies and procedures in order to manage the District financial program.  This job requires advanced skill in both utilizing and interfacing computerized finance systems, and in understanding system behavior related to unusual or specific circumstances.  Incumbents in this job present and defend practices, and interpret complex reports and fiscal statements; resolve, reconcile and adjust for special conditions; and participate in developing, modifying, or enhancing appropriate fiscal policies, procedures and practices.  Develops and interprets financial and human resource reports.  Incumbents research financial problem areas and exercise decision making in recording and analyzing financial and human resource data.  May supervise subordinate staff including determining workload and delegating assignments and training.

Applicants must be 18 years of age.  Graduation from a four year accredited college with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or equivalent and ten (10) years of financial experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience is required.  Applicant must be able to pass a short accounting exam and questions.

(see Job Description for additional requirements).

Job DescriptionJob Application

Applications and resumes will be accepted for this position until the position is filled.  

Applications and resumes can be submitted through email.